Sand meets Water

Art Blue wrote for rez Magazine, to be published, in 2018 SAND meets Water. It will come in three parts. It is about a graphics card who [who not which] wants to render only RAW SCREENS, not faked thing. Maybe there is more as just to get things RAW? There how the text might begin. We never know what the editor will change, but not too much on it, thats for sure:

Sand meets Water by Art Blue

Recently my life turns to become horrible. I am now in therapy. The therapist is expensive.

It is said, “He knows his job.” The list of his clients is long, reaching back in history to be beginning of the Digital Anthropocene.

Even one of the presidents of the United States recommends him. This made me chose him. You wonder a president of the superior country and in therapy?

You don’t wonder of course as a regular reader of rez Magazine or as a reader of the Sand Bible who is meant, you suspected this for long, but the coming out now, so early? Did it not take over 50 years to open the files on Lee Harvey Oswald? The reason why the files this time did not run as classified is simple: He did not recommend the therapist directly, he blamed the media for this. So it came out that he had for 11 minutes a Blue Screen. A Bing shot you might say. Yes, he was dead.

Does it mean he has to go to TCKR, to San Junipero to go on playing? Not so fast. Don’t believe everything you watch on Netflix in the Black Mirror series.

But back. What a feast for him to state that finally the truth always comes out, that his Blue Screen was media made. Nevertheless, I see in this fact a chance for me that I will make it this time in the therapy. Such a Blue Screen to happen had been predicted by Art Blue. He called it The Next Blue Screen because the effect has a history. The first Blue Screen is reaching back to IBM PCs running on MS-DOS. Art Blue made the prediction in March 2016 in an Art Talk in the Surreal Tower, a fact published on youtube by VJ Krieger.

A very first Next Bluescreen became reality in Goodbye Shining Blackstar, a performance by Venus Adored, which was recorded one month later. You gasp as you know there is a recording of the Goodbye Shining Blackstar event by several filmmakers, one of them is Sergej Eisenstein, the reborn director of Battleship Potemkin. Maybe I am bit bias, as I know the movie of 1925 was named as the greatest film of all times at the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958. It has no voice, no speech, no bings after bings, no bing, bing, bing technology and if there is no live orchestra playing classic music it might be that just a piano plays. It feels so relaxing when the world is built up in your thoughts and the screen stays in black and white. Just once there is a red flag when the cry for freedom takes over and a cannon to make a bang.

All it needs to gain meaning in the tsunami of data is a simple red dot and a bang. A bang like Bomb #20 in John Carpenter’s Dark Star.

In Not Sand, Not Sound the Resurrection ship Prometheus is destroyed by a bomb. Maybe it had the number 20?

The talk of Subcommander Doolitte on board of the Dark Star with a bomb having a malfunction caused by a laser beam accident is a feast for the mind.

Let us share some lines: [ … to be continued in rez Magazine, Jan, 2018 … ]

Now let us enjoy an installation by JadeYu Fhang. Grand Opening was on Nov. 11th, 2017. Jami Mills [middle], publisher of rez was there. Juliette [right], opened the exhibition.

[2017/11/11 12:56] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Today Surreal Gallery is honored to present JadeYu Fhang’s new installation and Morli… at this time Art Blue has something to say and then we turn it over to Morlita.
[2017/11/11 12:56] Juliette (juliettesurrealdreaming): Art Blue all you

[2017/11/11 13:01] Art Blue: Thank you Juliette. Morli plays now ….

[2017/11/11 13:02] Art Blue: I am happy that JadeYu Fhang shows us today “an airy” composition.
[2017/11/11 13:02] Art Blue: The Surreal Tower is made for it, for “height and air”.
[2017/11/11 13:02] Art Blue: Shurely it is not just air you see. You will see her roots, you always see in her work her roots.
[2017/11/11 13:03] Art Blue: JadeYu came in the 60s as a refugee from Algeria to France where she is working now reflecting the world around as well as looking back at her roots by creating art installations.
[2017/11/11 13:03] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ohhhh
[2017/11/11 13:03] Art Blue: I curated her installation Root & War in 2013 / 2014 in opengrid (Metropolis) where it is still able to be seen. I work still in art conservation. To look forward and backward in time is a key aspect in art.
[2017/11/11 13:03] Art Blue: Now look forward JadeYu welcome this installation … we have to find a name for it. Do you have one JadeYu?
[2017/11/11 13:04] Art Blue: /me gives word to JadeYu
[2017/11/11 13:04] ℑค๔єץย (jadeyu.fhang): ya it is “Rejection”
[2017/11/11 13:04] Art Blue: yeahhh Rejection … now we know

Over 40 Avatars came.  JadeYu Fhang, Art Blue, Irishk9 Aeon, SPACYOLE Resident, Aneli Abeyante, Frantz Catteneo, Step Portil, lunavonrandolf Kenin, Mahja Qinan, Rockerduck Bogdanovich, Bellavista Eisman, Terra Merhyem, Rage, Roy2Radagast Resident, DameKlaudia Demonia, Wan Laryukov, MelaniaBis Resident, Trishatar Resident, Prole Pinion, Dove Rhode, Roxy, Cica Ghost, Ataro Asbrink, Venus Adored, Jami Mills, Cassie Parker, SaveMe Oh, Morlita Quan, Petitefleur, Von, nero, Iono Allen, Red Brixtin, ChimKami, Moya Patrick, Wan,Noke Yuiza, Bellavista, Kitsume, Trish, Mahia, Rockerduck Bogadonvich, Uma, Fee, Obi1KNoobie, Slatan Dryke, iSkye Silverweb, Spacy, Thea, Dilara Savira, Lee1 Olsen, Gem Preiz, Kata Nyn, Jilly Jumping Bean, Dr. Seforia Milani, Lane Maxwell Milani, Hanibex Koyers, kitcat, Rental Deal, Ela June D. Cookoke Gerschen, AmputeeAnnie, Cyndireyaud, FriendlyBil, WizzardOz, Inara Pey, Betty … [and more].

There are postings on facebook.

Here comes a collage showing JadeYu and Morli dancing … [ click here to get it in high res ]



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