To nurture the RAW SCREEN dogma, to nurture the NO SCREEN CRUELTY campagne, to nurture the masterpiece of insanity, the book Not Sand, Not Sound, to nurture all the creative minds the 95 RAWSAND dogma was created. Art Blue might write a story about The Graphics Card being published in rezmagazine. You wonder how a Graphics Card might claim rights and that we all shall support this claim


Think for a moment, better don’t think buy the book Not Sand, Not Sand. Inside there are Blank Pages offered. On one of them you may outline the solution. THE BLANK THEOREM, THE HALTING PROBLEM, THE BUSY BEAVER. All these are quantum problems are covered in the book, but there is more. Monty Python sends greetings: A great book: SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and add some BEANS. So why to tell you right now about the AI that lives in the Graphics Card?

Read The Domga: NO SCR CRU and join the campagne …